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Meal Prep

Usually I cook throughout the week and we have tons of leftovers and therefore,  I don't always meal prep.. especially if I know I'm making meals during the week that leave us with plenty of leftovers to keep us satisfied the days following meals! There are so many different options and meals you could prep and utilize! This week I included a pescatarian option, as well as standard diet.  I prepped salmon, veggies, and rice for myself and for my boyfriend I prepped 'fajita chicken' with rice and a pepper and onion mix. I use  these containers  and love them! They're much better than plastic in many ways such as they don't stain, they're easier to clean, and there isn't any toxic chemicals that can leak into your food when you reheat your meals! Fajita Chicken  Prep What you need: Chicken Yellow rice (or your rice preference) Salsa  Peppers Onion Depending on your diet and calorie intake (if you're watching that), you can measure out what you'll n

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